Debunking the most common myths about introverts and extroverts. Find out who you are!

We’ve all heard that the world is divided into extroverts and introverts. Even more, it’s one of the most popular and talked about topics in human psychology—countless blogs and articles have been written about it during the last years.  However, how clear really is our understanding of this subject? After interviewing dozens of people and […]

How we built a perfect onboarding process

New employee onboarding can be difficult, to say the least. Matching the expectations of both new employees and management can be a challenge, and many of the old ways and systems might not do the trick anymore.  Having a strong background in HR and tech, we at HRMNY felt that instead of waiting for the […]

Why are relationships so complicated and how can HRMNY ID help you improve them?

You’ve probably heard about many methodologies that help to identify one’s personality. You might know about introverts and extroverts, rational and irrational people, logical and intuitional ones. We all realize that we’re definitely not the same, but at the same time, we’re not that different either.  Understanding yourself isn’t enough With all the resources we […]

Your data is 💯 safe with HRMNY ID. We promise.

And we’re not saying this just because we have to. When signing up for HRMNY ID, you provide us with your personal photo or video recording, and other sensitive data. Today we’re here to appreciate your trust and assure you that all your data is safe with us. We even wrote a whole blog post […]

Introducing REES–a unique way of managing company goals

Goal management is the foundation for success Any company founder or C-level executive knows how important it is to manage company goals. Clear goals are the foundation of the company’s success, especially when they are understandable not only for top management but also for each team member. For quite some time we at HRMNY were […]

A simple truth about comfort zone

In recent years I’ve done dozens of workshops on innovations, digital transformation, design thinking, lean startup, and other related topics. Working with both — companies of 1000+ employees and small teams of just 3–5 people. Looking back, I noticed one particular question that popped up almost every time: “How do I get out of my […]

The difference between productivity and performance

Being an entrepreneur for 20 years, productivity was always always on the top of my KPIs list. I believed that being productive is a must-have ingredient for any achievement. You probably read a lot of posts and even books on how to manage your productivity, get shit done, keep yourself motivated, and do not burn […]

machine learning technology for personality pattern recognition

It has been proven that all people exhibit certain behaviour patterns, commonly known as personality. These patterns influence the way we think, behave, react, and make choices. Knowing these behaviour patterns let us predict and influence people’s behaviour – design a real personal experience. A Latvia based company “HRMNY Human Technologies” is building an AI-based […]

get you personal hrmny ID for free!

⁣⁣⁣⁣Dear friends, meet our new product HRMNY ID – an online tool that can identify your personality traits from a short video recording, giving you your own HRMNY ID – detailed portrait of your personality. ⁣ Your HRMNY ID will help you learn more about yourself, fulfill your potential, find out your strengths and weaknesses, […]

A fresh perspective on a post-pandemic world

Recently I read “It’s time to build” blog post by Marc Andreessen. The story is about how we, as humanity, can cope with the post-pandemic world. What should we change, and how? And, like many things Marc publishes, this story is quite inspiring. I decided to take a closer look at the current situation and […]

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At HRMNY, we are building an AI-based technology that identifies person’s behavior patterns (personality) from facial expression, gestures, and speech through cutting-edge science and machine learning. Basically we can reveal your personality and predict behavior from just a couple of photos. Learn more at HRMNY.AI or give it a try on HRMNY.ID

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