Want to make a breakthrough – ask your customers for a feedback

Customer feedback is essential to improve an existing product, but it can often also inspire and help with the creation of a new one! In this blog we’ll tell you more about the customer feedback gathering process, our technology’s role in it, and the key findings of our survey that inspired us to create something exciting. Yes, all of this might sound a bit boring, but gathering and analyzing feedback is a crucial part of the product development process that can make or break your idea. And it did make ours—after surveying our customers, we used their insights to build a unique Ethically Intelligent Virtual Assistant. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Why did we gather feedback in the first place? 

Of course, we wanted to find out more about our customers’ experience with our services, but we also wanted to get some insights that would help us to develop our new product. However, getting quality insights is not that easy as it’s very important to understand the real needs of the customers. 

Finding out their desires and pains allows us to discover how customers understand the problem, but they don’t reveal the real problem itself! The problem hides much deeper and is not so obvious at first. This is where our technology stepped in. After interviewing our clients, we gave them a personalized ID, and our technology translated their language of desires and pains into problems. 

As we mentioned before, one of the survey’s intentions was to get an understanding of what desired skills should be developed for the first ethically intelligent Virtual Assistant.  

To achieve this, all of the answers were grouped and divided by several categories related to relationships—family, growth, benefit, health, understanding, influencing, etc. 

We summarized their answers and identified several key queries—predicting (match + influence) relationships, managing oneself without suffering, and solving important problems (conflicts or influence). 

After all the hard work of grouping, summarizing, and analyzing the answers, we’re ready to share the key findings with you! We can guarantee that some of them will surprise you.

Key findings from customer survey 

Customer responses gave us significant insights into people and their relationships.

More than 70% of customers admit that relationships are an important part of human life, in this case not only with other people, but also with yourself and the world around you. 20% of the respondents were searching for solutions and advice regarding their personal and professional growth. 10% of responses were related to family-related relationship questions. We have also noticed that most of the customers mentioned low productivity, wrong career choices, and depression. These answers are more related to mental health, career choices, self-esteem, and constant anxiety. 

More than 35% of our customers mentioned that it’s critically important to understand the opponent to build a healthy relationship. Actually, a lot of responses were related to understanding why some people act in such a manner or why they act like that in particular cases. A lot of requests were—what is love and how to maintain long-term relationships, how to understand my boyfriend, and how to understand why people act in this manner, what is the idea behind particular behaviour.

That means these issues are directly connected to the core understanding of relationships, and consequently lead to a desire of reaching calmness and inner harmony. As a result, that would bring peace to the people’s state and mind. It is crucial, especially nowadays, during the global pandemic when the fear of staying lonely is higher than ever before.

24% of respondents were searching for an answer regarding their environment (people). Why do people feel happy or unhappy on an equal footing? Why can’t people live honestly and be honest with each other, how to avoid deceiving, why your partner does not treat you well or acts inappropriately? 

This means that people are directly influenced by those around them. Even if the person knows him/herself well, all their desires and needs, what is good and/or bad for them, they are still thinking about others all the time—why the other person/partner doesn’t understand them well. This, of course, causes big frustration and/or fear of losing the partner and can lead to them stopping being open and honest towards their partner. As the outcome, it can lead to losing yourself and your self-esteem which is very crucial for people’s wellbeing.

The interesting fact is that 12% of customers are also asking how to influence someone to get the result they expect. Or how to communicate with a particular person in order to get satisfaction. That means people are searching for a path to motivate people around them to reach the desired results. No, this is not about manipulation. This is about knowing people around you better and being able to build stronger relationships with them. This also leads to improving your inner satisfaction, reaching goals together as a team more effectively. 

This “socializing” is a key factor for building trust and stronger neural connections in the brain, which later lead to a more satisfied person, who is able to grow and expand the ideas around by giving this spirit to others.  This theory is proven by many scientists. For example, Harvard’s 80-years long study—“Strong relationships are the only proven factor that affects happiness and life expectancy.” 

Feedback improves the product 

Every feedback is valuable and that’s how a customer can help to build a perfectly fit product. Your feedback truly matters and helps us to create a better reality around you!  

Get in touch with us if you have something to say or add. We care about our customers and are open to your suggestions and feedback to make something outstanding together. Stay tuned about our next post where we will provide more details about our current invention!