Your data is 💯 safe with HRMNY ID. We promise.

And we’re not saying this just because we have to. When signing up for HRMNY ID, you provide us with your personal photo or video recording, and other sensitive data. Today we’re here to appreciate your trust and assure you that all your data is safe with us. We even wrote a whole blog post about it. 

The only purpose we collect, use, and store your information is to identify your cognitive behavior patterns and provide you with your personality portrait. 

To ensure full transparency, we have answered all of the questions you may have about data safety and protection in HRMNY. If you’re looking for more information, feel free to read our HRMNY Friendship Agreement

We’re always here for you if you have any concerns. But now, let’s dive in!

How does it work? 

You must wonder why do we need your photo or video in the first place. 

HRMNY ID is a set of your personal behavior parameters that we identify from your face and voice using machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

The core of our technology lies in an AI/ML algorithm trained by anonymous and carefully marked data provided by our experts with decades of experience in cognitive sciences.

In other words, our technology can provide you with a detailed personality portrait simply by analyzing your photo or video. So, our technology needs your photo or video to read your cognitive features. As simple as that!

Sharing your image is safe

We understand if you have some doubts about providing a photo or video of you. However, it’s like dancing in the dark—no one can see it, except the artificial intelligence (AI), of course. So, don’t be shy! AI will not judge you, it just reads your cognitive features and emotions. It will not value your make-up efforts or haircut. We ensure full confidentiality and safety once you have uploaded your data. 

Fully anonymous pattern recognition

All we need is just a few photos or a video. No name, surname, gender, age, or social media accounts. HRMNY AI is completely unbiased. When it analyzes your provided content, it recognizes around 50 patterns which are then matched with our behavior framework and converted into a set of personality parameters and preferences.

There are no correct answers

When you’re answering the questions for video recording, take into account that there are no correct or incorrect answers. There is only your personal opinion and way of thinking, and it’s unique. Feel free to share your thoughts with the AI!

HRMNY ID ethics

HRMNY ID result is not a judgment. It is not a label or a tag. We are not here to put you in some category or a box. Treat it as a simple set of behavioral patterns that are inherent for your personality. HRMNY ID just helps you to understand and apply them. And, do not worry, we do not spam or send out newsletters. So, the only thing you will receive in your email will be your HRMNY ID results. 

User Credibility

ML technology used in AI has proved to be more than 70% precise. It has already checked around 3000 profiles and sent the portraits to the users. The feedback received from the users has proof of the AI vision of the human cognitive patterns.

Our AI-based behavioral framework provides insights into your motivation, values, fears, priorities, beliefs, and communication traits. 

Are you still wondering how this works? Visit and try it out for yourself! 

PS: If you want to remove your data, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via and we will delete your data by request. Visit HRMNY Friendship Agreement to learn even more about our Privacy Policy.