machine learning technology for personality pattern recognition

It has been proven that all people exhibit certain behaviour patterns, commonly known as personality. These patterns influence the way we think, behave, react, and make choices. Knowing these behaviour patterns let us predict and influence people’s behaviour – design a real personal experience. A Latvia based company “HRMNY Human Technologies” is building an AI-based technology that deciphers cognitive patterns of human behaviour to improve people’s life, help them build stronger relationships, and unleash their full potential. The core of their technology lies in an artificial intelligence/machine learning algorithm trained by anonymous and carefully marked data provided by experts with decades of experience in cognitive sciences.

When technology analyses a photo, it recognizes around 50 patterns. These patterns get matched with a behavioural framework and converted into a set of personality parameters and preferences. Company calls it HRMNY.ID. AI-based behavioural framework provides insights on customers’ motivation, values, fears, priorities, beliefs, communication traits, even vocabulary to use. HRMNY methodology is built on top of proven Cognitive psychology and behaviour science and supported by main physiognomy principles.